Red Bird's House

Pink Roses Collage FF

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Check out this awesome kitchen towel! It's got a super cool photo of pink roses printed  over soft and beautiful cotton. The colors are soft and mellow, giving it a chill vibe. You can't miss having this design at home—they cover the whole towel like  having a mini garden in your kitchen. So next time you're drying your dishes, you'll be charmingly greeted. 
Printed in full color using custom photography, Red Bird's House Kitchen towels make perfect gifts for any occasion. Whether it's a wedding, hostess gathering, bridal shower, bridesmaids' celebration, or even Mother's Day, this gift will surely impress.

Don't miss out on this exquisite kitchen towel that combines functionality and aesthetics. It's a true treasure that brings joy to any home.

Photography and copyrights belong to Pauline Stevens


  • Gourmet size: 19"x 28" 
  • Print size 19"x28" Print covers entire fabric
  • Full Color custom photography
  • 100% High-Quality Cotton
  • Gift Ready Packed
  • Machine wash/Tumble dry
  • Do not bleach