We aplaude those shared dishes, recipes and meals. The pie from grandma and the casserole from mom.  The extra juicy hamburger your husband cooks and the dessert your kids can't live without.

We know what it means to have a cook or foodie in your life. The one that cares so much about gathering and hosting and food they even take the time to bring it to your doorsteps.  We aplaude you!  They are more than cooks and foodies, they are hugers and they keep families, friendships and communities together. 

We want to let them know how much they mean to the world.  

Nominate your favorite person, let us know in which way she/he improved your life by sharing their food.  What message of love did she left behind and why do you think she/he is the most awesome nominee out there.

We will pick 1-5 nominations every month and we will create a BRAVO! you-are-awesome gift  from the store. We will share your nomination with them and why you believe she/he deserves it.