About Us

My Story
My name is Pauline Stevens I am a happy mother of four beautiful sons and I am married to my best friend.  I love photography and it has been "my thing" for more than 20 years.
Even though I have been working as a food photographer for a long time, I see my world in pictures and my camera has been my companion though most of my life. 
Red Bird's House is a sister business of my photography studio. We are the same but different. We both love photography, and we both love food.
Why food? I believe food has the gift to unify us more than anything else I know, well, maybe a hug, but still, food is a wonderful way to build bridges and to make friendships, to understand cultures and to make bonds that can last longer than life.
We dedicate our collection to farmers, cooks and gardeners. We dedicate them to those friendships and memories made through time and the bonds they created through food and meals shared with love ones.
Let our kitchen towels be reminders of those times and be your personal messengers of  love.
What we do:
We design the best kitchen towels in the market.  Why are the best?  No only because they unique, colorful, vibrant and beautiful, they are also printed directly into high quality cotton  gourmet large size fabric, but also because they come with a great back story. Not only our little red bird's story but also the different personal memories every design brings back, as different as each one of us.
My love for red birds
My daddy used to say red birds were messengers of love. They absolutely must be because since he passed away, red birds visit me all the time.
Red Bird's House is dedicated to him and my beautiful mom, and the loved they shared with me.