About Us

At Red Bird's House we thank farmers for making our food and every chef and cook out there for preparing it.
My Story
My name is Pauline Stevens I am a happy mother of four beautiful sons and I am married to my best friend. I have been working as a food photographer for 30 years. Red Bird's House is a sister business from my studio. Every prop or ingredients that makes it into the studio can potentially be used into a design.
What we do:
We make gift giving easy.  Either with our best sellers extra cute farm-style and extra soft kitchen towels or any other one of our product.
All photography based, yes all original photography taken by...me!
Let us be your messengers of love.
My love for red birds
My very cool dad used to say red birds were messengers of love. They absolutely must be because since my daddy passed away, red birds visit me all the time.  Red Bird's House is dedicated to my dad and my beautiful mom for all the love they shared with me.