Our Story


    Welcome to Red Bird's House!

    My name is Pauline Stevens, I am a food and editorial photographer based in Texas, and the founder of Red Bird’s House. I am also the mother of quadruplets sons...twenty two years and counting.

    I became passionate about food as a photographer but as a mother I learned the importance of a home cooked meal shared at the dinner table. I learned cooking and baking together gave my kids a sense of home and security and it gave us time to slow down, share life and be present. I also learned food has super powers when we cook or bake as an act of kindness and empathy. Sharing food with a sick neighbor or a friend in need of care create bonds hard to break.

    Red Bird's House is a lifestyle brand. Dedicated to foodies, kitchen enthusiasts, cooks, hosts and gardeners. Vibrant people that enjoy good food, gatherings and beauty.

    Nominate Someone

    Neighbors, friends, daughters, mothers, fathers, nominate someone that cooked, or baked for you when you needed an act of kindness. We want to know your story.

    Why Red Bird’s Hous?e  birds

    Red Bird’s House is inspired by my dad's love for red birds. A lifestyle brand for the helpers, the caring, all those awesome people that know how to slow down,celebrate life, beauty and each other.