who we are


My name is Pauline Stevens, I am the artist behind Red Bird's House. Red Bird's House is an extension of my photography studio, every design, idea, prop and ingredient part from here. I have a passion for photography and for food. My line of kitchen towels are a result of both passions.

When I became a mother it came clear to me the importance of sharing a good meal with my family. I took my everyday cooking as an act of love, tired or not there was always fooda t the table because I believe a good shared meal bring families, cultures and generations closer.

Learn about the studio and life's little ups and downs on Instagram @palinestevensphoto



When I was a little girl my dad used to say red birds were messengers of love.  Ever since my dad passed away, red birds visit me all the time. I feel his love every time a red bird shows up, in good times and not so good. Always cheering me up.

Red Bird's House is dedicated to my sweet dad and my beautiful mom, for the loved they shared with me.