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THANK YOU for choosing Red Bird's House Kitchen Towels to be part of your beautiful store.

The artist behind RBH

As a food photographer I used the trade I love so much to design food inspired kitchen towels.

Why Food?

Food is absolutely beautiful and I photograph it with humble appreciation. Food takes us back to places and people we love. and can bring families, cultures and generations closer. I consider cooking an act of love.

When you buy from us:

Your are supporting local production and small businesses, you are protecting the environment as we never mass produced. By choosing our kitchen towels you are helping us elevate a simple, every day item into something beautiful, and beauty inspires.

If you care about choosing carefully crafted items for your store, you will find our kitchen towels make a perfect fit with your vision, and your customers will love us. They will find pride of their new purchase, because that is the way we design, print and pack our towels, with much pride.

We will never try to compete with similar products that are massed produced, we know our market.

To order from us

We ask you to purchase a total of 20 towels on your first order and 10 on consecutive orders.

Simply shoot us an email with your information: name, the name of your business, email and we will create an account for you. once your account is opened you will be able to place your order directly from our website.



Our Kitchen Towels Specifications:

Food inspired kitchen towels designed with original photography.

Hand crafted, printed on 100% cotton, gourmet size 28"x29",  gift-ready.





  • If you are selling Red Bird's House products online, credit must be given to Red Bird's House in the product description.
  • If you are interested in our products for your restaurant, or are interested on a special order please contact us directly via phone or email.
  • All designs and photography are property of Pauline Stevens and any reproduction is strictly prohibited.