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Wooden Spoons FF

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Introducing Red BIrd's House kitchen towel featuring a stunning print of our studio's private collection of wooden spoons, each displaying a spectrum of brown tones, shapes, and sizes. When brought together, these splendid spoons create a mesmerizing design of natural beauty. Captured in full-color photography. This 19 x 28" towel showcases a beautiful pattern that covers its entire surface.

Crafted with utmost care, these towels make a delightful gift option, perfect for weddings, Mother's Day, or as a warm addition to any home. Each towel is gift-ready packed for your convenience.

Elevate your kitchen decor with this remarkable towel and experience the joy it brings

  • Photography and copyrights belong to Pauline Stevens


    • Kitchen towel size: 19"x 28" 
    • Print size 19"x28"Print cover entire kitchen towel
    • 100% High-Quality Cotton
    • Gift Ready Packed
    • Original full color photography