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Figs Collage FF

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Designed to elevate your culinary experience, this kitchen towel features a breathtaking photo collage of Figs. The entire fabric is printed with beautiful detail and vibrant colors, turning the towel into a work of utilitarian art.A captivating color photography masterpiece by professional photographer Pauline Stevens. 

Gift-ready packed, it's the perfect choice for those special occasions when you want to impress. Whether you're a host, a cook, a mom, or seeking an appreciation or bridesmaid gift, this kitchen towel is sure to make a beautiful and cherished present.

  • Photography and copyrights belong to Pauline Stevens


    • Kitchen towel size: 19"x 28" 
    • Print size 19"x28" Print cover entire kitchen towel
    • 100% High-Quality Cotton
    • Gift Ready Packed
    • Original full color photography
    • Machine wash/Tumble dry