Press Kit

As an Editorial and Food Photographer, my passion for food and photography has been a starting point in the creation of my own tea towels collection. Red Bird’s House was created with a mission to design a line of eco-friendly tea towels and hostess gifts with as little impact on the environment as possible. An everyday, practical and utilitarian product that will become a perfect gift for someone special. Our tea towels are handmade in the USA, using soft 100% cotton flour sacking, and are hand-printed using eco-friendly ink. Red Bird’s House is a labor of love and a little of that love goes into each package that leaves our door. 

About Red Bird:
Stevens love for red birds come from her father.  Stevens' father believed red birds or Cardinals were messengers of love.  Since her father passing every time she sees a red bird she think of him and of the love they shared.
About the content:
As an Editorial and food photographer, Stevens decided to use her passion for food and photography as a starting point in the creation of gifts to show the beauty of food and the art of cooking.

About the artist:
Mother of quadruplet boys Stevens cooks dinner every day. Using  simple ingredients and old time recipes dinner time is the highlight of her day.
Stevens studied photography at The Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA.  Her 20 years of experience as a food and editorial photographer, her love for markets and respect for gardening are her inspiration.
Her line of Kitchen Towels can be found at gourmet stores around the USA, Mexico and Europe.

About the family:
At Red Bird's House we have a wonderful family of sewing ladies, dedicated printers and our wonderful Sheila who brings our products to local Farmer's Markets and other venues.
We all care for what we do so much we believe every one of our towels takes a little bit of our soul with them.