Freelancing - 4 Facts to Consider Before Going Solo

August 22, 2021 1 min read

 Vintage photo of a one man band performing for little kids

As much as freelancing has allowed me to freely and truly work on my craft, determine my own schedule (this means time with my family), feel valued on my own terms and build my business the way I always wanted. It is also true it comes with sacrifices most people don't think about.

It is important to know the following facts before you decide to go on your own. 

1.-Freelancers work long hours

Longer than a 9-5 full time job and many times 7 days a week. One gig always means many days and months of work, and  many hours before and after the actual gig to prepare and deliver. 

2.- Networking is your life.

Without networking you won't be able to hold jobs for more than one gig. You need to make sure you make a relationship with your client. Be honest and true to what you are and what you have in common, never over do it. If you are sincere many of your clients will become your friends.

3.- Your job description is so long there is no need to write it down.

 You are a one person orchestra and everything weights on your shoulders.

4.- Be extremely well organized.

Remove all clutter from your desk and mind. Keep up a calendar, organize your work space and specially be very careful with your finances.







Pauline M Stevens
Pauline M Stevens