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Radishes Collage FF Kitchen Towel

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Introducing the stunning kitchen towels adorned with a captivating collage of vibrant red radishes, featuring the impeccable photography with a real farm style look. Each towel is a masterpiece, bursting with intricate details and vivid colors. Combining artistry with functionality, these utilitarian yet beautiful kitchen towels are thoughtfully packaged for convenience, making them an ideal gift. With dimensions of 9 x 28, they offer a generous size to enhance your kitchen decor and provide practicality in style.

Photography and copyrights belong to Pauline Stevens


  • Gourmet size: 19"x 28" 
  • Print size 19"x28" Print covers entire fabric
  • Full Color custom photography
  • 100% High-Quality Cotton
  • Gift Ready Packed
  • Machine wash/Tumble dry