Little clothes. A set of 4 prints.


A set of 4 beautifully printed 5 x7 prints.   Give them all together or one at a time.

First dance,

First superhero

The day you were born and

First steps.  



4 One of each image/ 5x7 prints/mounted 9x10.5

4 Glassine envelopes 9x10.5

4 Dedication cards with envelope.




Artist statement:

Two worn little shoes,
With a hole in the toe;
And why have I saved them?
Well, all mothers know
There's nothing so sweet
As a baby's worn shoe,
And the patter of footsteps
Following you.
The feet these once held
Have grown slender and strong,
Tonight they'll be tired, 
From dancing so long.
I guided her steps when
She wore such as these,
Dear Lord, may I ask,
Will You guide them now, please?
Author Unknowned