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An amazing group of people who lifted others up with food.

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Glenys lives her life through thoughtful actions


By Jackie

Despite the demands on her time, Amaris is ALWAYS smiling, always loving, and always makes time for ME! Beauty grows where Amaris is present. She is a true blessing.



By Debra

who better to nominate than my sister, Jamie Lynn McNulty Pires, who makes amazing and creative Sunday dinners, or Friday homemade pizza nights, or Saturday barbeques...



By Margarita

"Karen’s kindness and embracing personality is one of the reasons why I was able to survive my first years in a foreign country..."


By Heidi

I was pregnant with my twins and on bed rest, Dagmar, my mother, would drive up and stay with us every Monday-Friday and cook for us to make sure I was eating well and eating enough.


By Jenny and Josie

She shows how much she loves you through her cooking!