We did it!

We created an easy way for you to create your own kitchen towel.  Add a recipe or your favorite quote to create your unique kitchen towel.

Size towel 28x29" Print size 10x13"

1.- Add as many blocks of texts as you want in any color and font. You will be able to move them, rotate or resize them from the corner of every block.

2.-Choose from our library of pictures or upload your favorite one from your Instagram account. Simply click on the image and it will be added to your design, from the corners of every image you will be able to resize, rotate move or delete. You can add as many photos as you want. 

3.- Double check your spelling.  We won't be able to return your order once it is placed.

4.-Make sure to add Free Shipping to the code at the end of your order.

5.-Have fun and don't forget to tag us!