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Sticks and Stones

September 18, 2012 1 min read

When my children were toddlers they used to bring home all sorts of interesting  bits and pieces of nature.  Pebbles, stones, seeds, sticks, leaves and everything in between.  

Sometimes these treasures came in their lunch boxes others in their jeans pockets and stayed for long periods of time inside my purse or in the kitchen drawer.

At first they were just stuff, things that kind of annoyed me , until  one they I was asked to keep a "sad man's face" in my purse.    That's when I realized how cool all that stuff was!   

The Grumpy Old Clown, The Artist, Mr. Postman, The Gentleman, Three Funky Faries are part of these amazing collection.  A period of my life when my children were all over the place but at the same time no more than a few yards away, when their whole world was to share a  simple walk with mom around the neighborhood.




Pauline M Stevens
Pauline M Stevens

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